Friday, 20 January 2012

Movies As A First Date

It’s always hard to decide what to do for the first date with someone. You don’t want to take her to mini-putt if her grandfather recently had a heart attack on the golf course, for example, even though mini-putt is awesome fun.  A great sure-fire first date is the movie date. By that, I mean going out to the cinema to see a movie rather than renting a movie. Renting a movie is a good date idea when things are about to get physical, but this is about the first date.

The worst thing about a movie date can also be it's best thing. It is hard to talk during a movie. In fact it is frowned upon. So that is bad. On the other hand, it gives you both a chance to get used to being around each other without a lot of pressure on anyone's part to keep the conversation flowing. So that is good. Plus, when the movie is over, it’ll give you a chance to talk about the film, if nothing else is coming to mind. Interestingly enough, the worse the movie is, the more it will stimulate conversation.

Once you are at the movie, your next problem is what to buy for treats. A movie stalwart is popcorn, but is that the best choice? It has the advantage of being inexpensive, but the disadvantage is the propensity for it to stick in your teeth. Also, if your date wears dentures, then popcorn is a no-no. Consider chocolate candy like M&M's. Most women and most men like chocolate. For drinks, try to stay away from anything that is gassy or fizzy like soda pop because they will make you belch and that is not going to leave a favorable lasting impression. Most theaters will offer various types of non-carbonated beverages. One favorite is iced tea. No matter what your final decision is, remember that if you intend to also go out after the movie, then you might want to limit your eating while at the theater.

Good Movies

There are obviously movies that will put her in a romantic mood, and maximize your chances at first base. The first thing you should do is to ask her what she likes, and go from there. Scary movies are good, but not gory movies. You want her jumping and grabbing you, not vomiting into the licorice bag.

Three examples of good first date movies would have been:

1. Comedy –Any Bill Murray comedy – get her laughing! If she’s having a good time and smiling, you’ll have a good chance at holding hands.

2. Drama – Anything with Meryl Streep is a winner by and large.

3. Romance – Princess bride – The perfect first date movie. Got me my first boob squeeze in the back of a theatre to this film.

That being said, here are some examples of first date movies that would classify as a bad idea:

Bad Movies

Stay away from movies involving tragedy!  These would be examples of BAD choices:

1. Holocaust Movies – The Diary of Anne Frank would be horrible for a first date.

2. Sob Stories – Boys Don’t Cry – I made the mistake of taking a girl on a first date to this film. She just cried all the way home on the subway. Terrible. Great movie though!

3. Adventure  Movies – Dirty Harry – not enough love interest in these movies – the only one that had any merit in this series was The Gauntlet.

What ever you do, stay away from Porn!

Good luck! And god willing, she’ll act like Alanis Morrisette did in the theatre 

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